(Effective January 1, 2008)


All Breed Shows $65.00

Specialties (Classes) $75.00

Specialties (Breed) $100

Puppy Classes  $50.00

Sweepstakes on same day  N/C

Sweepstakes on separate day  $75.00

All Breed Best In Show  $300.00

Specialty Best in Show  $150.00

Group First  $100.00

Group Second, Third and Fourth  $50.00

National Specialties - by Private Agreement

Westminster - by Private Arrangement



Daily - if dog is being actively shown  $15.00

Daily - if dog is not being actively shown  $25.00

Conditioning - by Private Arrangement

Bathing  N/C

*Expenses are billed at pro rata portion for all dogs being shown

*If a dog cancels for reasons other than illness after entries close or  
 there is a missed entry, owner is responsible for handling fees and 
 expenses if I cannot replace that dog at the show.

*Handler retains all prize money