and Daviann Mitchell

Nighthawk Rottweiler's
"O" Litter

Born June 22, 1997


Sire: V-1 Am/Can Ch Pico vom Hegestrauch SchHI, Ztp, BH
MRC Hall of Fame, ARC Gold Sire

Dam:  V-1 USRC Select Can Ch Nighthawk's Esprit
B, SchH2, BST, CD 

This litter was co-bred with Dan Vinokur



Multi V-1 USRC NW Regional Siegerin
Nighthawk's Obsession B, SchH 3, BST, AD
RO-58630G25F, RO-EL2980T, RO-4043/2000-41, RO-CA1175/65F/S-PI

12/11/99: SchH 1 - 268 (93-81-94p)   -   12/12/99: BST
02/12/00: SchH 2 - 271 (80-95-96p)   -   05/21/00: SchH 3 - 273 (98-85-90p)

Multi V-1 Rated, 2001 USRC Northwest Regional Siegerin, USRC Gold Merit Award
Spirit is co-owned with Gerry O'Leary 


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