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A little about Us...

In 1982, I acquired my first Rottweiler, Michener's Michael CD, Certified Police Service Dog ("Mick") and established Nighthawk Rottweilers.  While Mick met all of my hopes and expectations, his hips unfortunately did not, and I was introduced to the harsh realities of the breed.  I neutered Mick and proceeded to purchase 7-week old CH Einmin Lanneret v Rottdan CD, AD, Therapy Dog TDI, Police Service Dog Mountain View Police Department, MRC Honor Roll ("Hawk").  This dog, Hawk, later became the basis for the kennel name "Nighthawk Rottweilers."

Two years later, I purchased my two foundation bitches CH Pandemonium's Knockout ARC Producer of Merit and Can CH Char-win's Cassandra TT, ARC Silver Dam, MRC Honor Roll, from Valerie Cade of Pandemonium Rottweilers, a person I respect and admire greatly.  With these two bitches and Hawk, I have been able to go on and produce what has eventually become one of the top producing conformation and working breeding programs on the West Coast.

To date, Nighthawk Rottweilers has only bred a limited number of litters, most of the litters have been co-breedings with other people, and we have been blessed with enormous success.  In conformation, Nighthawk Rottweilers has produced or our stud dogs have produced winners at the Westminster Kennel Club, Eukanuba Classic Invitational,  IFR, American Rottweiler Club Nationals and Regionals, Colonial Rottweiler Club, Golden State Rottweiler Club, Associated Rottweiler Fanciers of Northern California, Hoosier Rottweiler Club, Kansas City Rottweiler Club, Seminole Rottweiler Club, and Multiple Best in Sweepstakes/Best Opposite in Sweepstakes winners.  Nighthawk has also been fortunate in the German arena as well, producing United States Rottweiler Club National and Regional Siegers/Siegerins as well as Youth Sieger/Siegerin and Best Puppies.  We have also produced many Most Beautiful In Show winners, USRC Selects as well as producing winners at the Regional and National level in American Rottweiler Verien.  Lastly, and equally important, Nighthawk has also produced several working dogs up to and including the Schutzhund 3 level, obedience titled dogs, police bomb detection dog and herding dogs.  We have had several High Scoring Dogs in Schutzhund as well as AKC obedience.


My philosophy on dog breeding is embodied in the term "INTEGRITY".  I believe that while a dog may not have any disqualifying fault and has a hip number, this alone does not mean that it is breeding quality.  We must breed the total dog, which is type, temperament, and structure. 

I feel that we should not only strive to be successful with our dogs in the conformation ring, but to be equally successful with our dogs in the working arena whether it be Schutzhund, obedience, herding, tracking, agility, or therapy - or any other working activity! 

Furthermore, it is important to always be a gracious loser as well as gracious winner.  I try to live by this philosophy and I will not tolerate unethical behavior for myself or for anyone with whom I associate.

Hopefully, all breeders will be honest enough to share our shortcomings with one another in order to become more successful breeders.  Dishonesty and lack of integrity seem to be rampant in our breed and it will ultimately lead to its demise if people won't be forthright about the issues before us.

I am currently a member of the following clubs:  American Rottweiler Club, Medallion Rottweiler Club, Colonial Rottweiler Club, Pacific Coast Rottweiler Club - President, Associated Rottweiler Fanciers of Northern California - Past Director, Western Rottweiler Owners, United States Rottweiler Club - Breed Warden and Apprentice Judge Applicant and The Rottweiler Health Foundation - President and past Director.  I am a past member of The American Rottweiler Verein, United Schutzhund Club of America and the Los Angeles Rottweiler Club

So much for dogs! 

Currently my #1 priority is my beautiful and loving daughter Mary Ann Brooks Mitchell.  Mary Ann and I enjoy the dogs together and she almost always travels with me to the shows. 

Mary Ann loves the dogs, but to her, they are all her pets.  At present, Brent, Mary Ann and I live in Canyon Country, California, about 45 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles.  We have a lovely home on two acres with lots of room for the dogs to run. 

Mary Ann & Tony in 2003 reliving the ARC National at Disney.


Please help us to welcome Betsy! Betsy is a BIS winning Cavelier King Charles Spanial and is Mary Ann's new girl. 
We are very exicted to have her here with us at Nighthawk.  Betsy is co-owned with her breeder Marilyn Mayfield of Mayfield Cavaliers

BIS/USA/AM/CAN CH Mayfield's Besty George 


We also share our lives with two cats... Popeye, Cukkla's Nighthawk
(Registered F3 Bengal Cat) and Kitty (rescue kitty found at work as kitten)...


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